The Smart Boy


Most of the children at this Ho Chi Minh orphanage have not only physical disabilities but mental too. This boy is an exception. He is one of 3 kids (out of 70 in the orphanage) that gets to see a weekly coming teacher. They put the boy in the wheelchair and, holding his books, he is all happy and proud, proceeds to the classroom.

As we are not allowed to use children’s names in the web, I call him The Smart One. The Smart One unfortunately has very fragile legs. Other kids allowed to be taken from their cots, carried around, but not him.

On that visit, another volunteer suggests to rock a blind boy on a yoga ball. He looks very happy to feel this rocking sensation and he starts smiling and laughing.

The Smart One, although, sees this and asks us if he could do the same. The carer lady says no. He knows that his legs are too fragile and he cannot be carried around. He looks upset but he doesn’t want to show it.

I feel so sorry for him and try to think how to make it up so he wouldn’t get upset over the yoga ball. He has an advantage because he is The Smart One so I take the paper and the colourful pens and I start drawing and cutting out paper shapes with him. He is amazed and he asks me to do more but now I ask him to draw for me so he tries. Uneven circles come out from under his unsure pen. The main thing is that he is happy with the attention and I hope he has forgotten about the yoga ball he cannot have fun with.

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