The Friends: The Smart Boy and The Sad boy

I met these two boys in one of the orphanages for children with physical and mental disabilities that I visited in Ho Chi Minh with a group of pediatric massage volunteers.

There are a lot of children there that don’t move or talk due to brain damage. The one in yellow t-shirt is one of only three others in the institution who gets to see a teacher weekly so I call him The Smart Boy as we are not allowed to disclose their names. He’s waving to us and pretending he’s talking to us on the imaginary phone. Other children in the room can be taken off their cots and carried around, but not him: his legs are too fragile.

I often saw him taking care of the boy in red t-shirt lying next to him. Red t-shirt cries often so I call him The Sad Boy. The Smart looks after The Sad: sometimes he shares his water bottle with him, another time he showed him drawings we made together. That time he told me that The Sad Boy wanted a massage so I massaged him. He seemed to calm down and enjoy the treatment.

Although The Smart Boy has nothing and can’t even walk, he still wants to share and take care for his less advantaged friend. Kind heart and perfect example for all of us.

We are so blessed living in good safe countries with strong health systems and good wages and it’s good to take care of someone who is less lucky. I’m convinced that these children need more care and with your help it becomes possible. Consider making a donation or sharing this post so together we will take care for orphan disabled children
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