The Enthusiastic Boy


Earlier this year I volunteered as a massage therapist to provide gentle massage to orphans with disabilities. I witnessed how these children benefited from gentle touch so I’m writing about it to encourage others to join or to donate to make life of these orphans a little bit better.

This boy loves massage. On our previous visit he jumped into the room with excited “Yeah!”. This time he busily gets on the table and puts the sleeping mask on. Girls walk into the room and start teasing him about the mask. He pulls the mask up and although he looks a bit embarrassed, he is really determined to get a proper massage, so he puts the mask back on and starts to relax.. in five minutes all the kids in the room are asleep.. the best reward for us..


To have the opportunity to be of service to these children, I need your help. If you do support me, please, consider making a donation to my fundraiser today and follow the link.

Thank you.

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