Looking through the window

In one of the Ho Chi Minh orphanages, this boy was waiting patiently while I was busy massaging another child next to him. After some time I felt that he started to gently touch me with his little feet. And then all of a sudden, he got up, crawled towards me and hugged me. Unlike the rest of the children in the room, he could crawl, sit and play with toys. He was the only mobile child here, so I walked him around the room. I lifted him up and showed him the trees and the sky outside through the window and he looked amazed! I don’t think these children get to be outside very often, maybe couple of times a year. I tried to massage him but he didn’t seem to care much, he just wanted to have a hug and to see the outside world and I’m so happy that I could do it for him.

If you support what I do, please, consider making a donation to help me bring care and gentle touch into these children lifes gofundme.com/together-care-for-disabled-orphans . Thank you

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